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The Scoop On Why Gelato's Better

01 Apr 2016

 The Scoop On Why Gelato's Better

1. Less Fat

Lucky for you, not only is gelato delicious, but it also has a lot less fat than regular ice cream. This is mainly because Gelato uses whole milk, whereas regular ice cream uses cream. During the making process for regular ice cream, fat is emulsified into the base where the fat molecules then stick among the water molecules, affecting both the freezing process and the air, which brings us to...

2. The Air

Gelato has a denser texture than regular ice cream, and its intensified and richer flavours are the end result of its unique making process; gelato is churned at a sufficiently slower speed, generating 50% less air into the base than regular ice cream.

3. The Temperature...

…is the game changer. For the perfect result, the temperature must always be just right. Because, that sweet supple-like texture your tastebuds embrace with pure bliss has everything to do with the temperature. Gelato is typically stored at -13 degrees, a heat generally 15 degrees warmer than that of regular ice cream, which allows for that silky-smoothness and soft volume you adore.

4. The Flavour

Of course, the flavour is one of the best ways to justify how gelato is just so unique and exquisite. A primary benefit of freezing gelato at a warmer temperature is that the flavour becomes more luxurious and richly intense, without having all the sugar that goes into regular ice cream.

5. Variety

It's not only the amazing taste and large amount of flavours that set gelato apart from regular ice cream, but it's having healthier choices available like allergy and dairy free sorbet, which combined, show gelato is simply a better choice. At Surfers Paradise ice-cream palour SevenTea Two, customers are offered a renowned range of a range of all ice creams; open 7 days a week until late. 

I scream for gelato? Go scoop you some!