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Scissors Paper eCards: Why Paper Wins This Mother's Day

20 Apr 2016

Scissors Paper eCards: Why Paper Wins This Mother's Day

1. They're hard to forget.

Paper cards can be stored inside the home and treasured for many years. Your eCard on the other hand, is either forgotten in your digital library...or deleted.

2. Sentimental value.

Mothers especially, love to collect and hold onto their many Christmas, Birthday and Mother's Day cards from their family and friends.

3. They're personal.

An eCard is often perceived as lazy, impersonal You're not emailing a joke around the office, you're thanking your Mum for being just that - and we'd like to think that she'll actually appreciate your handwriting.

4. An intimate thought.

Cards are designed for building and strengthening personal connections, for appreciating your loved ones and for celebrating their special moments.

5. The deliverance is unmatched.

When you hand a paper card to a person, you're able to then watch them receive it with a smile. It's an experience. Physically giving a card to a person makes them aware of the time, personal attention and money you put into it.

6. Posting it is even better.

Everyone loves getting something nice in the mail. And since daily mail typically consists of bills and bank statements, opening a Mother's Day card is quite the lovely surprise. This is especially ideal for those who live far away from their mother or that special woman in their life that they'd like to thank, but just make sure you plan ahead!

7. It won't get lost... junk mail. eCards, unlike paper cards, are easy to get lost in junk mail and there's no guarantee that the person you're sending them to will actually receive them. Avoid the wrath of an angry Mother who says "I gave birth to you and you couldn't even get me a card?!"'s a likely scenario.

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