24 June 2016

5 Stunning Destinations For Every Budget Traveller

Pack your bags and escape to a joyous location without breaking the bank. Here, 5 stunning destinations for every budget traveller.




Seeking absolute bliss in O'ahu, Hawaii with @nabinanazar #openmyworld 🌺

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Copious sunshine, a mesmerising marine life, surfing until sunset, every meal with a view and beaching in pure bliss - what's not to love?! Hawaii is home to the worldwide-acclaimed Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Volcanoes National Park and glorious mountain, Mauna Key Summit. Effortlessly promising and rich in culture, the activities in Hawaii seem endless with rainforest tours, gliding through tree canopies on a mega flying fox, whale watching and snorkelling, just to name a few. And with return flights currently cheaper than Fiji, Hawaii offers an irresistible piece of heaven at a price hard to refuse.



Endless paths to explore at Mount Cook NP, New Zealand with @helloemilie #openmyworld

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Particularly extraordinary for the explorers, New Zealand is just as captivating as it is charming with picturesque sites, eye-opening native traditions and prosperous tours. Proving this multicultural magnificence, Auckland, which is situated in New Zealand's North Island, is prized for its precious sites enveloping views of extinct volcanoes, oceanic wonders and possesses the perfect combination of city and suburban, where the freedom to either stroll through urban sites or unwind in nature's finest is all yours.


Ever popular and always enchanting, Thailand is one wild unearthed escape you can truly lose yourself in. On Phuket, Thailand's biggest island, you'll experience action-packed fun with riveting sites to see, cultural beauties like Wat Chalong Temple, abundant wildlife, animals to greet and immersive waters to snorkel into like Koh Racha Yai, which is Phuket's most popular dive site. Revel in nature during the day, and then brace yourself for the absolute party later on with Phuket's vibrant night scene set to satisfy.



The view of Marina Bay Sands from Gardens by the Bay in #Singapore with @garry_norris #FlavoursOfAsia

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Singapore is just so spectacular that reputable online news site CNN.com can give you 50 reasons why it's "the world's greatest city", but in fewer words - we can tell you that it truly is a world of its own. Embodying 'supertrees', the paradise Sentosa Island, the famous Marina Bay, a prosperous culture and overall breathtaking scenery. Be spooked at Singapore's haunting theme park 'Haw Par Villa' for a tour into the 18 levels of hell as maintained by Chinese folklore, and for the love of fish - enjoy the street food, breathe in the stunning sites and enrich your livelihood with a trip like no other.



Monday Mood = Mmmmmm I'd rather be here, actually 🌴 Bali with @rajveerjohal #openmyworld

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You can think of Bali as being one big health and wellbeing retreat, because we can assure you'll return feeling fresh and brand new. Relax, check into any of the many luxuriant day spas this captivating Indonesian island has to offer, and relieve tension with a massage. Bask in the brilliance of a beachfront villa, grab a great feed at the vivacious night markets, expose yourself to an Ancient culture and encounter exotic traditions, swim, surf and let your toes really feel the sand beneath you.

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