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Chevron Renaissance is proud to partner with Life Education and everyone's favourite Giraffe, Healthy Harold, to help empower children and young people to make safer and healthier choices through education. Since 1979, Life Ed has educated more than 7 million children through innovative and holistic teaching and learning approaches.


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Every child – no matter where they live, or what their circumstance – deserves to thrive. Life Ed preventative health program reaches more than 700,000 Australian children each year and makes a difference by delivering evidence-backed, engaging education to children in their formative years, to build the skills they need to lead safe and healthy lives.  

 Donate and make a difference today. DONATE HERE

  • $20 empowers 6 Australian children with support to overcome bullying and stay safe
  • $31 provides resources to 9 children who don't have internet access at home
  • $49 supports 13 disadvantaged children and their families with access to online learning

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