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Your Guide to SNS Nails

Your Guide to SNS Nails

What are SNS Nails?

SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems, and it consists of a nail dipping system. Rather than having shellac brushed on your nails for colour, your nails undergo a fast and easy manicure that provides colour as well as strength, durability and an attractive shape.

The typical SNS manicure involves a few simple steps:

  • A base coat of adhesive resin is applied to your nails.
  • Your nails are dipped into a powder.
  • The powder dip is repeated to build thickness, colour intensity and your desired nail shape is achieved.
  • Your nails are buffed and sealed with a top coat.
  • You’re done and good to go.

The powder contains organically-processed chemicals that include acrylic ester polymer, titanium dioxide and benzoyl peroxide. In addition to providing strength to your nails, the SNS nail powders come in a gorgeous array of colours you can mix, match and combine as desired.

Why is SNS Nails Better than Other Treatments?

SNS Nails is not only believed to be better for your nails than other manicures, but they look natural, or even more attractive than your natural nails.

Top benefits of SNS nails include:

  • Long-lasting treatment, with the ability to last three to four weeks, depending on your daily activities and your nail growth rate
  • Colour doesn’t chip
  • Powder treatment is more durable than many nail gels
  • Stronger and more flexible than traditional acrylics
  • Doesn’t require UV or LED light for bonding or curing

As long as SNS nails are applied and removed by a professional, the treatment will not damage your natural nails one bit. Ready to give SNS nails a try? Book an appointment at Beauty Stop today.