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VIVA Surfers Paradise

VIVA Surfers Paradise

Music legends live on at VIVA Surfers Paradise, Australia’s ultimate tribute artist festival. With a program of free live performances and events spanning multiple genres and decades, you can celebrate the music, memories and moments of legendary icons both past and present. VIVA Surfers Paradise provides 10 days of classic entertainment suitable for all ages. 

Come along to Chevron Renaissance and experience Elvis Tribute Artists performance and signings on the following days and times; 

Sat 13 Jul             1pm – 2pm         ETA performance ( Johnny Angel) 
Sun 14 Jul            5pm – 7pm         ETA performance (Jeff Hancox & Pete Memphis) 
Mon 15 Jul           2pm – 3pm         Auto Signing (Diogo Light & Kay Shannon)
Mon 15 Jul           2pm – 3pm         ETA performance (Johnny Angel) 
Sat 20 Jul            5pm – 7pm          ETA performance (Jeff Hancox & Mark Dobbs) 
Sun 21 Jul         12pm – 1pm          Supremes Tribute performance (The Beehives) 

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