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Time to Nail It

03 Nov 2016

Time to Nail It

It is clear there is a lot to be said for a set of beautifully manicured fingers. It speaks volumes about a person’s grooming, their attention to detail, and self pride. I just seem to whip out a magical bucket of excuses when it comes to dedicating some resources and effort to this area. Are my nails really worth it? I don’t have time. They’ll only get wrecked in the dishwashing water… You get the drift! And if that isn’t enough, I am firmly put off by the overwhelming list of technical terms, let alone choosing a colour. I have a friend who was so overwhelmed with the polish choices, she walked out of the salon with nothing but a clear varnish on her nails! Let’s face it - I would not know a gel nail from an acrylic one, and I’m terrified I’ll walk out of a salon with hideous pointy talons that will bug me for weeks. Even worse, I have visions of fake nails being trapped in keyboards with wails of pain from yours truly. NO THANK YOU!

The girls at Beauty Stop took one look at my hideous digits and had a few things to say about this situation! They sat me down, had a brief chat about what I needed and proceeded to transform my embarrassing jagged excuses for nails into works of art! It was so so simple. No technical mumbo jumbo, just a frank conversation about your lifestyle, how much you want to invest in your manicure, and some do’s and don'ts for taking care of your beauties. Let me just say, what those lovely ladies can do with nails defies belief! All those excuses I had been hoarding just seemed to vanish and the process was actually very relaxing!

Now the big problem is, as I’m working, my eyes keep getting drawn to the little glittery stripes on the end of my fingers and I cannot help but stop and admire their beauty. Getting anything done is becoming difficult!


New York Fashion Week fans are all aflutter with the latest in nail colours and designs. From stripes to rainbows, your nails can be a real statement about your mood, personality or even the weather. I’m particularly loving the unusual chalky tones of matt whites. It says summer with a difference, and perfect for our beach culture on the Gold Coast. I think I might be a convert!

A full set of Acrylic Nails will take up to an hour at Beauty Stop. They last about 3 weeks following which infills can be applied. Beauty Stop only offers professional services - so your nail artist is a highly trained professional interested in exceptional hygiene and professional results. Walk in appointments are available, so if you find yourself with a little free time, you know where to go!

(f you are like me, and totally clueless in this department, here is a great little resource -