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Baritalia - modern Italian flavours

19 Oct 2016

Baritalia - modern Italian flavours

Situated on the corner of Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre overlooking the intersection of Elkhorn Ave and Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Baritalia has nurtured a reputation for providing modern and delicious Italian cuisine. You can’t help but linger under the black and white striped umbrellas as the sun lulls you into a haze of daydreaming. A cool Peroni sits within reach and your delicious risotto is throwing scents of subtle roasted garlic your way.

Baritalia Restaurant owner Simon Vella

Baritalia Restaurant owner Simon Vella.

Simon and his partner Stacy took a chance over 10 years ago to build a restaurant of their dreams on the beautiful Gold Coast. The result is a restaurant with a menu of beautifully presented hearty meals offering a great variety of distinct flavours.

The transformation of the then rather dated restaurant has been remarkable. These two passionate individuals created virtually everything in the restaurant themselves. Scavenging, scouring, and crafting to create the intricate fabric of detail that makes Baritalia such a woven tactile tapestry of decor. There are thoughtful details in every corner. From board games to interesting light fittings. It all speaks of immense pride and attention to detail. This bodes well for the cooking, does it not?

The restaurant’s clientele has also changed across the last eight years. Possibly testament to a revitalisation of Surfers Paradise, but most likely because of the wonderful fare consistently produced in Baritalia. The customer base has moved away from mostly drop-in tourists to establishing a loyal local following. And everybody knows, locals know best!

So we asked Simon, what are the restaurant’s most popular dishes? (Always good to know in case you’re unwittingly missing out!) The Calabrese Pizza; Misto di Frutti di Mare; Pappardelle con Salsiccia; Spaghetti ai Frutti Di Mare; and the Bistecca - a prime rib fillet with roast potatoes and truffle butter. Yum! Intrigued? Check out the menu!

Baritalia Italian Restaurant - Menu

Baritalia are about to embark on their next adventure, expanding their kitchen and reworking some of the restaurant. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Open breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week. (Closed Christmas Day.)

2 hours free parking at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre