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Calm Your Body and Mind: Herbal Thai Massage

03 Nov 2015

Calm Your Body and Mind: Herbal Thai Massage

What's involved?

Renowned for its ability to heal and rejuvenate, Herbal Thai Massage, otherwise called Thai Yoga Massage, provides each client with a customised experience from a therapist who uses their hands, legs and feet to position you into a series of yoga-like stretches. This massage is perfectly complemented using a modifiable range of organic herbs and teas, and is performed in a tranquil environment. This specialised form of massage is unique because it works to assure proper care by specifically targeting the needs of the individual through a range of styles.

How’s it beneficial?

As the body and mind are heavily intertwined, by caring for your body, you’ll find your mind to become clearer as well. And with a clearer mind and body, you’ll achieve the functionality you need to carry out everyday tasks with clarity and overall better health.

Herbal Thai Massage alleviates pain in the shoulders, neck and back, and improves flexibility in the muscles and joints. For those who constantly feel lethargic, this massage, which is more rigorous and enlivening than other forms, particularly works as the ideal therapy in reducing both mental and physical fatigue. Each session significantly relieves stress, tension and muscular soreness, improves circulation and by doing such, also helps skin tone, dry skin and acts to prevent stiffness in the muscles.

In addition to its remarkable healing and relaxation powers, it also assists with digestion, can ease headaches and eyestrain, and for those suffering from insomnia or find it hard to sleep, this massage offers the perfect deep relaxation.

Ready to reach your calm? At Chevron Renaissance’s renowned Herbal Massage, styles of Herbal Thai Massage include Traditional Thai Massage, Aroma Oil Massage, Foot Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage and Thai Herb Ball. For each service, you can choose a session as short as 30 minutes to as long as 2 hours, and if you’re in a hurry or on a quick work break, you can have an express mini massage for your neck and shoulders in just 10 minutes. For more invigorating info, head over to the Herbal Thai Massage website.