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Finding The Perfect Flower For Mum

05 May 2016

Finding The Perfect Flower For Mum


Regardless of whether you think of romance or "roses really smell like poo-poo-oo" thanks to Outkast, these flowers are a little more than just red-hot love. Common throughout literature, classic films, poetry and popular culture, a rose not only symbolises romance and love, but also deep affection and appreciation. Red are most popular on Valentine's Day, but the pink and yellow roses prove perfect for Mother's Day. If you're close to your mother on a personal level, yellow roses are ideal as they signify bliss and friendship, while pink represent elegance and gratitude. And when it comes to customising your own bouquet, a coloured assortment is always charming.


Anna Jarvis, the woman recognised as the official 'Founder of Mothers Day in the United States', sent 500 carnations to the first Mother's Day church service in 1908 as tribute to her belated mother Mrs Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis, whom loved carnations dearly. It's believed that pink carnations were the first flower to grow on the holy ground where the Virgin Mary wept over the death of her son Jesus, which is why they're said to represent a mother's pure eternal love. A bouquet comprised of white and pink carnations proves the most delicate gift, especially ideal for mature aged mothers.


Graceful, invigorating and emblematic of spring and new life, tulips are always the quintessential selection for Mum's special day. Originally from the Middle East, the name 'Tulip' comes from the Persian name for 'turban', which was determined after seeing its use as a turban embellishment become ever popular among Turks and Persians. In the same way that you can mix coloured roses, you can also mix tulips. Tulips are typically given as an exchange of exceptional love, where their dark velvet centre shows the heart of a lover safely drowned within a state of euphoria - the result of an undying, passionate and safe love; the very shelter that a mother provides.


Common in existence yet foreign by form, an orchid is one strikingly exotic flower that anyone should feel elated to receive. Symbolic of elegance, purification and beauty, the orchid is so fascinating that even Charles Darwin, who studied its cross-pollination, was inspired to write a novel. They're available in several colours and in China, orchids are also symbolic of many children. Pink is said to represent joy and grace, purple signifies royalty and admiration, yellow for a fresh start, white for elegance, orange for courage and strength and finally, green for a long healthy life. Orchids either grow as monopodial with a single bud or alternatively, sympodial having many shoots with blooms on each. This flower is a unique and simply stunning choice.


Classic, alluring and said to typify affection and humility, irises are a precious pick. They come in many colours and hues but on Mother's Day, white and blue are most popular. Not only are irises delicate and sincere, but they're also esteemed for their healing energy and power to motivate greater consciousness and awareness - some might call this "magic". In addition, they exude a bright light and positivity, perfect for gifting to that very own sunshine of yours.

Find the perfect flower for Mum at Chevron Renaissance's pop-up Mother's Day flower stall this Thursday, May 5 until Sunday, May 8. Even better, make any purchase this Saturday and receive a free personalised card from typographer Pen Friend, available 11am-3pm. Happy Mother's Day!