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Eight places to take your vegan friend to eat in Surfers Paradise this weekend

06 Jun 2018

WHETHER you are a vegan yourself or have a friend with dietary restrictions, the struggle can be real when finding restaurants with vegan options that everyone will enjoy. From fast food to pizza and not to forget desserts, there are plenty of vegan restaurants in Surfers Paradise to try.


Think you can’t be vegan and enjoy coffee, think again. Even big chains like Starbucks are serving up a host of vegan-friendly options using soy milk as a dairy-free alternative. They also have a bunch of milk-free options including brewed tea, iced tea, iced coffee and the all time vegan favourite, Caffe Americano.


Your favourite cuisine doesn’t have to include lashings of cheese and sour cream, especially when you visit Zambrero's. This Mexican hot spot is a favourite with the vegan community for good reason as not only is the menu extensive but there are plenty of wholesome, filling, flavoursome options for vegans to enjoy. We love the Bowl IQ served with your choice of filling with spirilina-infused black rice, amaranth seeds, guacamole, fresh salsa and cos lettuce. Arriba!


Ultimate crowd favourite pizza is an easy win for vegans. Simply by omitting cheese or replacing it with a vegan option everyone can have a slice. Our favourite vegan pizza options include Baritalia, who will make any pizza vegan on request, Crust Gourmet Pizza (their Smoky BBQ Pulled Jackfruit pizza and Mediterranean Romesco are a vegan dream) and Sardjionos Italian Restaurant who offer dairy and meat-free options.


Everyone needs a stockpile of delicious snacks on hand for when friends drop in or you don’t feel like leaving the house for dinner. For something different and delicious we recommend Yifan Asian Food Emporium. Vegans will love the extensive range of meat alternatives such as tempeh, tofu and seitan plus the extensive range of mushrooms. Check out the freezer section too for tasty treats to have on hand for food emergencies.


No meal is complete without a little dessert but in a world of chocolate and icecream it can be challenging to find vegan options for sour weet tooth friends. Thankfully chocolate chain Max Brenner has cottoned on that even vegan’s like to be indulged and the bald man has added a bunch of vegan-friendly options to his menu. We recommend the Chocolate Dip with Dark Chocolate and Midnight Peanut Nutter, the ultimate combination of peanut butter, dark Chocolate, fresh strawberries and crunchy cornflakes.

Got a hankering for gelato? Zanette's Gelati has vegan and dairy-free options too.

We have all your vegan options covered at Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.