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6 Tips To Remember Before Eloping

29 Jan 2016

 6 Tips To Remember Before Eloping

1. It Pays to Prepare

And that doesn't mean spending big bucks. Whether it's a shotgun wedding or you have a semi-decent amount of time to plan, there are DIY options available and wedding companies like Chevron Renaissance's Austy Wedding Company whose services will have your special day ready in no time. Regardless of having an audience, by putting some thought into preparation as best you can, you'll create a greater atmosphere for making the day truly memorable for you and your significant other.

2. Snap Me Happy?

Having pictures of the event not only allows you and your partner to reminisce in future, but it also enables your closest loved ones to feel as though they were there with you. Another photo opportunity? Why not!

3. You Can't Please Everyone

It may be YOUR special day but truth be told, there will always be those people who are close enough to you to believe they should've been a part of it. The thought of not knowing or not being invited is sure to disappoint, and then there's always that friend who made you her matron of honour or best man, and now you're not returning the favour. But here's how you can make it work...

4. Give Your Loved Ones A Heads Up

Sure a public broadcast on your Facebook may seem like the easiest way to surprise your online network, but perhaps the best way to avoid unintentionally hurting your closest friends and family is to simply let them know before you tell everyone else. And when it comes to parents especially, actually sitting down with them to discuss your decision and to inform them of your plan will certainly prepare them irrespective of whether or not they agree. After all, it is your wedding so don't let the aesthetic downgrade its importance and trust that those who care about you will support you…maybe just tell them first.

5. Keep It On The Record

Before you jet off to Tahiti or another destination new to you, it's important to first know what legally constitutes as marriage. It may be a blissful and romantic ceremony but if it's not in the books, truth be told your marriage is ten years away from one bad soap opera. So, keep calm and Google?

6. There's No Greater Time For A Getaway

You've said the I-do's and now it's time to start the rest of your lives together. Kick things off the right way with a romantic getaway, which proves the ideal escape for providing the relaxation all newlyweds deserve. This is particularly beneficial for those eloping, since it allows for an intimate post-wedding party for a fresh couple to enjoy in a chilled environment.

Planning on eloping soon? With a wedding chapel on site, an available minister or celebrant and everywhere from musicians and a wedding coordinator down to flowers and tuxedos, at Chevron Renaissance’s Austy Wedding Company, you’re sure to find the right wedding package for you and your special someone.

Now, we'll let you tie to it!