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An Asian emporium has arrived at Chevron Renaissance

05 Feb 2018

An Asian emporium has arrived at Chevron Renaissance

Gold Coast locals and visitors alike can now visit Chevron Renaissance to shop for popular Asian grocery items and hard to find delicacies.

The well-stocked grocer is a true Asian marketplace selling an assortment of traditional, fresh and packaged foods, such as vegetables, dumplings, noodles and popular Chinese snacks, along with an extensive range of authentic Chinese cookware.

The best thing about having an Asian grocer at Chevron Renaissance is the never-ending list of exciting new ingredients to discover, which leads to new recipes and taste sensations. It is ultimately a whole new world of grocery shopping.

To ensure you aren’t overwhelmed on your first trip to Yifan Asian Emporium, we have compiled all the hidden treasures that need to be on your shopping list.

1. Pastes, spices and condiments

The easiest way to turn your cooking from ordinary to extraordinary is with the right combination of flavour makers. Take your dishes to the next level by making spices, condiments and pastes authentic. Try miso paste, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, mirin cooking wine, fish sauce and shrimp paste.

2. Alternative flours

Asian grocers were stocking flour alternatives long before the gluten-free movement hit Australia, making it the perfect place to stock up. Rice flour, potato starch and chickpea flour are all great pantry staples. Plus, if you do follow a gluten-free diet you will love the variety of gluten-free products considered necessities in Asian kitchens including rice paper rolls, noodles and wraps.

3. Mushrooms

Asian grocers are a haven for mushroom lovers. You will also come to realise there is a whole new world beyond the white button mushroom we are accustomed too. Don’t be alarmed, mushrooms are mainly sold dried, which enhances their flavour and they are easy to reconstitute with boiling water. The mushroom varieties are endless so try a few different varieties until you find your favourites. They are perfect added to soups, stews and your favourite slow cooked meal.

4. Meat Alternatives

As your shopping list grows you have probably noticed the products at your Asian grocer are actually really healthy. Which brings us to the next ‘must-have’ on your shopping list, meat alternatives. Tempeh, tofu and seitan can be found at your Asian grocer and can be placed in almost any meal as a meat substitute. They are also great fried up with the pastes, spices and condiments already in your basket with a bunch of fresh Asian greens.

5. Dumplings

If you are yet to try these delicious pieces of dough wrapped around a tasty filling, then put an asterisk next to this item on your list. Yifan stocks frozen dumplings, so you know you are getting the real deal. Perfect for keeping in the freezer for food emergencies, like lunch.

Yifan Asian Emporium is located opposite Surfers Renaissance Chempro Pharmacy inside the Coles Mall at Shop G48.