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PappaRich Malaysian Delights
Student Free Drink


  • Students will be required to show their membership card and Pappa Loyalty App member QR code
  • Student are entitled to a selection of Free Drinks each* when they purchase a main dish
  • A “main dish” is anything from the rice, noodles, or vegetariansection in the menu
  • Drinks that are available for redemption are as follows:
    • MF15 Teh Tarik - Milk tea (Hot)
    • MF19 Teh Tarik - Milk tea (Cold)
    • PS01 White Coffee (Hot)
    • PS05 White Coffee (Iced)
    • MF02 Fresh Lemon Honey (Hot)
    • MF03 Lemon Tea with Honey (Hot)
    • MF05 Fresh Lemon Honey (Iced)
    • MF06 Lemon Tea (Iced)
    • MF07 Barley (Iced)
    • MF27 Barley (Hot)
    • MF17 Kopi O (Hot)
    • MF21 Kopi O (Iced)
PappaRich Malaysian Delights