17 June 2016

The Sizzling Truth Behind Hot Rock Therapy

It's much easier to feel as if you're drowning in everyday commitments than it should be, which is why we sometimes need to stop and recharge. Here, how your greater wellbeing is just a stone away.



Hot Rock Therapy, otherwise known as heated stone treatment, involves the placement of hot stones onto the patient's 'chakra' (or key energy) points to allow for thorough relief from muscular tension and pain. These stones relax your muscles as their penetrating heat targets your chakra points, then causing them to dissipate at ease.


Particularly exceptional for people suffering from stress or feelings of disconnect, this ancient massage technique incorporates the foundations of thermotherapy to surpass its success as a physical treatment, by further providing a meditative state of calm and relaxation for the patient to mentally enter into also. Due to this massage therapy's success as a praised healing and peaceful experience with the power to treat both the body and mind, it's majorly renowned for having the following benefits: relief from chronic, neck and back pain, detoxification for the body and mind, stress reduction, treatment for various musculoskeletal problems, even hypertension and arthritis, improved blood circulation, better sleep and mood elevation.


Enter into a soothing atmosphere and become disentangled at Chevron Renaissance's acclaimed Endota Spa, located in the heart of Surfers Paradise and open 7 days a week, where expert therapists assure the full restoration of your mind, body and soul. At Endota Spa, a hot rock massage therapy session is 90 minutes to preciously allow for full-body treatment with strategically placed hot rocks and a footbath. And if you're looking for further therapy, Endota is the ideal haven with 9 treatment rooms, a double room, a triple treatment room, steam room, dry sauna, hot and cold plunger pools and a spacious vitality pool.

The time to unwind is now.